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Advent – A Season of Preparation

Prepare the Way

One of the themes of the Advent season is the theme of preparation. For centuries, faithful Israelites prepared for the coming of the Messiah. They did this by believing God's promises and obeying God's Word. Today, we prepare for the Messiah's return in the same way. Malachi 3:1-4, a traditional Advent reading, points to two ways God helps us in this work of preparation....

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Seven "Go-to" Psalms

The Psalms

I recently heard (thank you, Lourine Clark!) about a spiritual discipline that Eugene Peterson practiced throughout his life. He prayerfully selected seven psalms from the Bible that he felt would "cover the waterfront" of his spiritual needs. He then made a commitment to let those psalms change his life. He would read them, meditate on them, commit them to memory, and pra...

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Pleasing to God

Pleasing to God

The gospel assures us that when we come to God through faith in Christ we are justified by the Father and accepted as one of his own. All our sins are forgiven, and we are declared to be righteous in the eyes of the Creator. This new status before God is perfect and complete. We could not possibly be more accepted by the Father than we already are in Christ, and we will ne...

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The (New) Mission of ACC

New Website Mission Statement

Several years ago, the elders of ACC began praying about and discussing the mission of our church. Over time we included other church leaders in the discussion, asking for their feedback and prayers. We embarked on this endeavor, not because we wanted to lead the church in a radically new direction, but because we felt that ACC needed a fresh understanding of why God has p...

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Relax. You Are Not in Control.

James 4 Control

I once heard a radio interview with a retired elevator repairman. He reported that in 80% of the elevators in New York City, the "close door" button is not hooked up to anything at all. Pushing the button does not make the door close any faster than it would have anyway. Why do they have these buttons in elevator cars? According to this man, the reason is because people li...

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Increasing Your Endurance

Run with Perseverance

Perseverance is an essential quality for those who follow Jesus Christ. We often face times of discouragement and distraction and feel tempted to give up. What can we do to increase our endurance so that, when the going gets tough, we persevere in our commitment to the Lord? Hebrews 12:1-3 provides good counsel for weary Christians. It says: "Therefore, since we are surro...

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Called to be Holy. But How?

Be Holy

The Bible tells us that, as God's people, we are called to be holy. We are reminded of this calling in 1 Peter 1:13-25. Verses 15-16 say, "But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do;for it is written: 'Be holy, because I am holy.'" To be holy means to view yourself as set apart for the glory of God with a consequent commitment to obey God's commands. ...

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“When should I come back to church?”

When Should I Go Back to Church

Like many churches during the COVID pandemic, ACC has taken a hybrid approach to worship. We meet in-person following strict health protocols but also provide on-line access to our worship services so that people can participate remotely. We plan to continue with this approach for the foreseeable future, looking forward to the day when these measures will no longer be nece...

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The Beautiful Community

Beautiful Community

Many people these days have grown disillusioned with Christian community. There is no shortage of criticism of the church both in print and on social media. So, it is refreshing to run across a book written by someone who, though well-aware of the church's shortcomings, nevertheless still has faith in Christ's ability "to present to himself a radiant church, without stain...

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Christ is Risen! So What?

O Death Where is Thy Sting?

Scripture not only asserts that Jesus rose from the dead. It also explains why his resurrection matters. Below are six implications of the empty tomb. The Resurrection of Christ declares that Jesus is the Son of God. By raising Jesus from the dead, the Father affirmed Christ's identity as the divine Son. "[Christ Jesus] was declared to be God's powerful Son by his ...

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