Stories Jesus Told

Stories Jesus Told

Jesus often taught people by telling parables – brief stories or word pictures designed to communicate spiritual truth. On Sunday, October 17, we will begin a six-week sermon series titled “Stories Jesus Told” in which we will look at six parables from the book of Luke. Community Groups will also be meeting to dig deeper into these parables together.

New Testament scholar, Simon J. Kistemaker, has written:

"Jesus drew verbal pictures of the world around him by telling parables. By teaching in parables he depicted what was happening in real life. That is, he told a story, taken from daily life, using an accepted, familiar setting, to teach a new lesson. That lesson quite often came at the end of the story and had an impact that required time for absorption and assimilation. When we hear a parable, we nod in agreement because the story is true to life and readily understood. Although the application of the parable may be heard, it is not always grasped. We see the story unfold before our eyes, but we do not perceive the significance of it. The truth remains hidden until our eyes are opened and we see clearly. Then the new lesson of the parable becomes meaningful."

The parables we will study in this series are:

  • The friend at midnight
  • The rich fool
  • The great banquet
  • The prodigal son
  • Lazarus and the rich man
  • The Pharisee and the tax collector

Come join us for our exploration of these stories told by Jesus. To sign up for a Community Group, click here.