Review - Competent to Love Conference


Competent to Love Conference - May 18 and 19, 2018

The Competent to Love conference was such a wonderful experience.  Before the conference started earlier in the week, I thought to myself, after a long week working late how will I have the energy to go through a 3 hour conference after work on Friday and another 5 ½  hours on Saturday? What and how much content would be covered in two days? To my delight the conference was wonderful in every way. It was thorough and engaging and so much was covered.  I thank everyone who made it happen: Andrea, Pastor Jeffrey, Pastor David, Laura & Jim, who serves the Muslim community in a neighborhood in Queens.

Each person spoke about our need to become better at loving each other, being present in the body of Christ, not just receiving and letting others do the listening and serving, but being able to give out as well.  The speakers also spoke about the need for diversity, the need to embrace each other‘s differences, the need for active listening - listening ”all the way through” and not waiting for your turn to respond, kingdom focused prayers, and engaging with the community around us.  We did this fun exercise where we each said something and the next person continued the conversation, using the last word of the person's sentence. The lesson was to completely hear what someone is saying. I do hope this becomes an annual event. I think everyone would benefit from this conference.