• Cedric & Wendy C., East Asia – Cedric and Wendy (medical doctors) work with a missionary agency that reaches East Asia (Wendy is a pediatrician. Cedric is an HIV specialist.) Cedric and Wendy live with their three children in Eastern Asia where they work in a medical clinic.  They are currently living in NYC due to the pandemic and are continuing their ministry remotely in Asia.
  • Gary & Lois Watanabe, Japan – Career missionaries with our denomination, Gary and Lois moved to Japan in 2015 where they are working with City to City Asia Pacific networks, helping with a church planting movement in major cities throughout Asia.

Here are some recent praises and prayer requests. And click here for a short video greeting from Gary and Lois. 

  1. For our safe and smooth return to Japan and ministry in November 2020 in spite of COVID restrictions and challenges. Making good adjustments individually and as a team.  
  2. For good health and family time with our oldest daughter and her family (Rachel & Mark Kim and 3 children) who are in the same city, Nagoya. 
  3. The ongoing good health and care for Gary's mother (almost 90, with dementia) and Lois' father (95 and in hospice with slowly developing leukemia) in the States.
  1. Challenges and adjustments to training, coaching, and meetings mostly online, and to changing social restriction levels placed on the general population.  These are sometimes vague and discretionary, leading to uncertainty and confusion.  We often feel vulnerable to symptoms of online fatigue.  
  2. For wisdom in coaching 12 church planters in Japan and other regions regarding challenges they are facing or may soon face due to the effects of COVID disruptions in their lives and ministries.  These could include anything from matters of physical or spiritual health, social or relational issues, wisdom in church planting, and leadership development, finances, etc.
  • Chris Trimpe, Cru, Boston, Mass –Through her ministry with Cru, Chris Trimpe reaches out to teenagers in Boston public schools, sharing the gospel with them and mentoring them as they grow in their faith.
  • Macklann & Rose Basse, Togo, West Africa – The Basses work with Presbyterian Mission International, serving in their home country of Togo. Rose serves as principal of New Beginnings School, providing education for over 190 children in the city of Lome. Macklann is pastor and planter of Amana Presbyterian Church. Click here for their October 2021 Newsletter.