Join us for our weekly worship service at 10:30AM on Sunday mornings. Due to the rise in COVID cases, we will be requiring masks in our worship service.  Click here for the bulletin for this Sunday. Click here for 4 songs that are not in the bulletin. Click here for the children's bulletin.

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What to Expect

What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect at our weekly worship service.

ACC meets to worship God every Sunday at 10:30AM at the Astoria Center of Israel Synagogue. This is a beautiful building that has been part of our neighborhood for over 75 years. Yes, it might seem a bit strange to some to have a Christian worship service in a Synagogue, but we are very grateful to the ACI congregation for allowing us to rent such a great space on Sundays in the heart of Astoria, Queens, NY.

The worship at ACC is centered on the proclamation of Scripture, the Word of God. The sermons seek to expound the meaning of the day’s text, highlighting Jesus Christ as the central focus of the whole Bible.

There is no dress code at ACC, so come worship God however you feel comfortable. Most of the congregation dresses pretty casually, but a few of us “dress up” from time to time. We encourage you to bring your Bible to church, but if you are unable to, all the Scripture passages will be printed for you in the worship program that is handed out. If you don't have a Bible we would be glad to give you one for free. Just ask!

We are a church that welcomes everyone. Our congregation consists of people from many different backgrounds and nationalities. We have a great mix of singles, married couples, senior citizens and we are very “kid-friendly." During the pandemic, we are unable to offer nursery and Sunday school for babies and children.  Please bring your babies and children with you to worship. We don’t mind the beautiful sounds of babies and children!

Singing praise to God is an important part of our worship service. Our music is led by our Worship Director, Linnea Kickasola and gifted musicians from the congregation. Pre-Covid we offered a 9:30 am liturgical service using traditional hymns and contemporary songs, while at 11:15 am we offered a contemporary-style worship service.  During this pandemic, the structure of the one 10:30 service is simpler than we are accustomed to, with songs selected from both the 9:30 and the 11:15 service, and include Scripture-reading, prayers, sermon, and communion.  We are following COVID safety guidelines such as masks, social distancing, air purifiers and fans.

Every Sunday we gather at the Lord’s Table to take Communion together. You don’t have to be a member of ACC to participate. Any baptized believer in Christ who belongs to a church that teaches the gospel is invited to partake.