What is the "session"?

The session is the governing body of the local church. It is composed of godly men who have been called by God to lead His church together; each member of the session is selected by the congregation. The session includes both teaching elders (pastors) and ruling elders. Specifically, they teach, equip, disciple, nurture, discipline and shepherd the congregation. 

Teaching Elders:


Pastor David Ellis
Senior Pastor

David is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America. He has an M.Div. from New York Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from Covenant Theological Seminary. David and his wife, Sobeyda, have four grown children and one grandson. You can reach him at

Ruling Elders:  Joe Kickasola, Bryan Taylor, Buddy Mungo, and Raul Rojas

Bruce DiCicco (inactive)

Jason Greene (inactive)

Brad Wade (inactive)