We are people of Astoria.

We celebrate the diversity of our neighborhood. We are born and raised in Queens.  We are transplants from all over the world.  We are united by our differences and in our love for Jesus Christ.  We love Astoria and pray that God will bless this neighborhood as we work towards its prosperity and peace.

We are a Christian church. We believe that the Bible is God's word, and that it contains the greatest news we could ever hear: Even though our rebellion and selfishness have separated us from God, He sent His Son Jesus to rescue us and give us a relationship with Him.

So we gather together to celebrate this God and learn more about Him and how we can follow Him with our whole lives. We do this through Sunday Morning services as well as smaller groups that gather in people's homes to study the Bible, to fellowship with one another, and to pray. We seek to exhibit our faith in action by generosity, hospitality, and the pursuit of social justice and mercy, as well as proclaiming the good news of Christ.

We have a 10:30AM service at 27-35 Cresenct St., Astoria, NY 11102. We offer nursery services for babies through 4 year olds, Sunday school classes for ages 4-7 and 7-10/11.  See here for more information on the Children's Ministry and Youth Ministry.