Marriage Care Support Groups

Please see below for a summary of what Marriage Care Support Groups are.  For more information about existing Marriage Care groups at ACC or how to start one, please contact Lisa Taylor at  You may also reach out to Pastor David at or Andrea Mungo at

Definition of a Marriage Care Support Group  

A group of caring couples who meet regularly throughout the year to provide nurture, support and encouragement for one another (as individuals and as couples) in the growth and enrichment of their marriage relationships.              

Critical Aspects:

Commitment, Intentionality and Sharing

OngoingUnique Aspects of a Marriage Care Support Group

  1. Deals with PREVENTATIVE CARE, as over against CRISIS support.
  2. Rather than being bonded by common trauma or suffering, couples are bonded by a mutual desire to strengthen and enrich their marriages.
  3. Offers an introductory experience in marriage enrichment as an encouragement for couples to find ways of continually strengthening their marriages.
  4. Offers couples an opportunity to gain new friends that could prove to be long lasting.