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After-School Tutoring

Time: Tuesdays from 5:00 (or whenever you can get there)-7:00pm
Place: Variety Boys and Girls Club Astoria

ACC partners with the Boys and Girls Club to offer after-school tutoring to kids in need of additional academic support. Volunteer tutors work with one or two kids on their homework and any subject area where they may need extra help. Volunteers maintain close contact with the parent(s) of these kids to provide a community of encouragement to these families.

We are compelled by the gospel to fill in the gaps that will help these students flourish academically, and also to build longterm relationships with them and their families. Many of the kids we tutor also attend Bible Club. This is a great opportunity to share life with these kids as they grow up.

The Boys and Girls Club requires a background check and drug test for all its volunteers. Please contact for more information if you're interested in serving.

Leader: Andrea Mungo