On hiatus for the '23-'24 school year.

Time: Tuesdays from 7:00-7:30pm

Place: Variety Boys and Girls Club Astoria

Contact: Andrea, diaconate@astoriachurch.org

Bible Club is an evangelistic ministry that teaches children about Jesus through the stories of the Bible in a fun, engaging, holistic way. We welcome children of all ages and racial, ethnic, economic, and spiritual backgrounds. We sing songs, play games, and tell Bible stories that center on the gospel and educate the children about who Jesus is and how he can transform their lives. At the end of each club, we share a snack and spend a time of fellowship with the children, encouraging them towards faith and building relationships with them and often their parents.

We welcome any volunteers to lead music, facilitate the game, and bring snacks. Storytelling requires a little more training, but we need you for that, too. If you're not sure about volunteering, visit us any Tuesday to experience it in action! If you have children, we encourage you to send them to Bible Club so the children at the club can make friends with those who attend ACC. Our hope is to disciple these kids in their faith and into the community of the church.

If you're interested in loving and discipling these kids through volunteering, please contact Diaconate@astoriachurch.org for more information.

Leader: Andrea Mungo