An Invitation to Join the Sound Team or At Least Consider it!

Monitor and Guitar

Hey ACC friends, I wanted to write a little message to you all about our sound program needs, or more exactly, why to not be scared of it and why you should join the team!  “Joshua, I can't do it, I'm not a musician.”  You don't need to have a music background.  You don't need to play an instrument.  You don't even have to sing in key!  All I need are people who love technology and want to learn about how sound is designed.  If you ever listen to music and love hearing the balance of all the instruments, this might be for you.   If you watch movies and get excited about surround sound, you might be what we're looking for!  If you love checking out apps and computer games and seeing how they work, you and I will be friends.  

What if you're not sure if you would like it but think it sounds like it might be cool?  Then come shadow me for a Sunday.  I'll talk you through what I'm doing every step of the way.  Just watch and see if it seems interesting.  If not, that's ok!  What if you're interested but you feel like you just have too many things on your plate already?  I hear you! But in the long term I'm only looking for volunteers to run the sound board once a month.  Once a month!  That's nothing!  And the training is super easy as well.  No matter what you know now, by the end of it you will know a compressor from a noise gate, a fader from a pan, and much, much more.  

But honestly, for me, the biggest take away from the entire thing is that it broadens your appreciation for ALL music.  It will change how you listen to music on the radio, in church, and at live shows.  I really do get excited about it and I’m looking for people who are excited to learn something new as well!  So, technology loving friends, step on up. If you have questions for me or would like to shadow me for a Sunday to see what it is like, please email me at