Learning, Living, Loving

John 17 Prayer

A 3-week sermon series at ACC, starting September 13, will focus on three aspects of the Christian life that we want to see happening more and more at our church. We want to be a church in which everyone is growing in their relationship with God, in which we are all equipped to lead lives that bring glory to Christ, and in which we relate to each other and to our neighbors in ways that demonstrate the love of our Savior. In other words, we want to learn about God, live in Christ, and love each other.

To explore these concepts, we will be focusing on the prayer Jesus prayed for his followers the evening before his death in John 17. The Thursday evening online prayer meetings following each sermon will include a short Bible study of the text from the previous week’s service.

Please join us for these online services, leading up to the reopening of our public worship gatherings in October, as we focus on God’s plan for our church.