One Year COVID Review Survey

Survey Results

We are grateful to all those who responded to our One Year COVID Review Survey. Your answers are helpful in making plans for the church as we continue through these challenging times. It should be noted that surveys do not give the whole picture.  As you will see below, only 37 people from our congregation responded. We have approximately 121 members and 57 regular attenders at ACC.  So, please read these results with this in mind.

Here are some highlights from the survey responses:

  • 37 people responded. (Some respondents answered on behalf of their household, so the number of people represented is higher than 37.)
  • 46% of the respondents reported that they have been attending in-person worship. 54% have been worshiping from home.
  • The top three reasons listed for not attending in-person worship were: Concern about exposure (41%), having a baby and/or toddler (16%), and being at a higher risk of contracting COVID (11%).
  • The top three reasons listed for attending in-person services were: “I am able to” (40%); “I believe ACC’s protocols are safe” (35%); and “I need to worship God with fellow believers” (43%).
  • For those worshiping at home, 87% reported that they participate weekly.
  • The top three circumstances under which people will return to in-person worship were: when vaccinated (32%); when positivity rate is below 1% (13.5%); and when there is a staffed nursery (11%).
  • Involvement in remote gatherings and volunteer opportunities:
    • 81% have been attending Community Groups.
    • 27% have been attending the weekly prayer meetings.
    • 22% have been attending Christian Education Classes
    • 35% attended the outdoor communion services.

Thank you to those who offered comments, suggestions and asked questions.  Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss your comments and questions (  Finally, thank you again for participating in this survey and mostly for being a part of the ACC family.