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One Year COVID Review Survey

Survey Results

We are grateful to all those who responded to our One Year COVID Review Survey. Your answers are helpful in making plans for the church as we continue through these challenging times. It should be noted that surveys do not give the whole picture. As you will see below, only 37 people from our congregation responded. We have approximately 121 members and 57 regular attender...

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The Holy Spirit is Good

Holy Spirit Benefits

A well-known party game, designed to encourage conversation among guests, is "Would You Rather." In this game, participants are asked to respond to hypothetical questions about their preferences, questions such as: 'Would you rather always be 10 minutes late or 20 minutes early?' 'Would you rather have all the traffic lights you approach be green or never have to stand i...

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Christ is Risen! So What?

O Death Where is Thy Sting?

Scripture not only asserts that Jesus rose from the dead. It also explains why his resurrection matters. Below are six implications of the empty tomb. The Resurrection of Christ declares that Jesus is the Son of God. By raising Jesus from the dead, the Father affirmed Christ's identity as the divine Son. "[Christ Jesus] was declared to be God's powerful Son by his ...

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