Mercy Carework Testimony

ACI and ACC Signjpg

Good morning ACC and Happy Resurrection Day!

I can’t begin to say how much gratitude I have for our church. I can honestly say ACC kept me from losing my mind. I found myself so lost and in deep despair about my finances and health. And yes, I have a loving family (siblings and very close first cousins) but they also were struggling. They helped us out plenty of times and even took us on weekend and summer vacations to visit with my North Carolina family. 

I just couldn’t believe I had fallen so low. I would find myself walking with no focus and usually forgetting why I was out and about. My mind was always feeling so overwhelmed and full of anxiety. I would cry at a drop of a dime all along trying not to show my anguished face to my precious girl.

I lost my good paying job due to illness and multiple surgeries that required several medical leaves. And pretty quickly I went through my savings and 401k. I even had to cash in my life insurance policy. To this date it haunts me, knowing that if something happens to me, I would have no life insurance.  Also, my constant thoughts about who would hire an older woman with medical issues and no college degree was very terrifying. I just felt like giving up. Depression sets in and the unthinkable thoughts get a hold of your mind. But, deep down I knew that this is not what God wants for me. Until, one day in May while at the school playground with my girl, Andrea approached me and invited me to a BBQ at the Boys and Girls club (2 1/2 yrs ago).

At the event, everyone there was so friendly and inviting.  The very next Sunday, I attended ACC and we’ve been attending ever since. I really felt very comfortable at ACC even though I would cry during service just feeling so overwhelmed with anxiety and not knowing where the money was coming from to meet my basic needs. It was then when Andrea approached me offering help. Andrea and Toni were just a God send. They both met with me and decided to help me with my bills and rent from ACC ‘s mercy fund. Needless to say I just cried. Relief was coming my way. What an amazing gesture!  I truly don’t know what would have happened if this mercy fund was not available to help people in my same situation. ACC showed me mercy and for that I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you LORD, thank you LORD for placing Andrea and ACC in my path. Happy Easter to all. He Is Risen! Amen