Vacation Bible Club 2018 Recap



From July 9-13, 2018, about 35 ACC volunteers descended on Van Alst playground, turning it into a space camp for our second annual Vacation Bible Club. We interacted with 30-40 kids at the playground, training them to be “astronauts” as we learned the story of God’s creation through the theme of space. Through a repertoire of music, skits, Bible stories, games, crafts, and snacks, we learned about our place in God’s world, how sin has separated us from God, and how God’s promise of redemption through his Son Jesus reunites us with him. We had fun spending each evening with many of the same families, and even those who came for one night were touched by the experience.

Here are two ACC volunteers reflections:

"I enjoyed meeting a Muslim family.  I spoke with the mother and older daughter one evening.  The mom encouraged her daughter to take a New Testament that we were giving out and another devotional book because "she loves to read!"  The mom also took a children's book on prayer for her young son. On another day, during the bible story time, the storyteller invited the children to pray to Jesus for His saving Ark.  One boy was very engaged and keep answering her questions with astute answers! Finally, I met another family (mom and three children) one evening and the very next week, I ran into them near my house!  I pointed out where ACC meets as we walked past Crescent Street. Having VBC at a park near the Synagogue facilitates us running into our neighbors more readily and being a bridge to coming on a Sunday."

"I have been incredibly encouraged to see one of the families I met at VBC attending church week after week ever since. It truly is such a great way to connect with and encourage other local families into gospel community!"

Please pray for the kids, youth and adults that heard the Gospel and interacted with ACC members. May the Holy Spirit prompt them to come worship with us on an upcoming Sunday.  We look forward to our 3rd Annual VBC in 2019!