Talking About Jesus

6 Steps to Talking About Jesus

Most people who know Jesus as Savior would love for others to know him too. But many of us find it difficult to talk with other people about our faith. It feels awkward. We are not sure what to say. We find it difficult to connect with people who might need to hear the gospel. Talking about Jesus feels hard.

This winter, ACC will offer a class designed to address this problem. “Six Steps to Talking About Jesus” will meet by Zoom on Sundays at 5:00pm, starting January 17. In six 1 hour-long interactive sessions, the class will cover topics such as:

  • Love –developing the right motivation for sharing your faith
  • Understanding – mastering a basic knowledge of the gospel message
  • Prayer – learning to depend on God in prayer as you share with others
  • Connecting – discovering how to engage with people in authentic, non-threatening ways
  • Bringing – learning to invite others to gospel-centered events and to welcome them into Christian community
  • Talking – discovering how to share your own story of faith and how to explain the message of Christ clearly

The class will include instruction by Pastor David Ellis, coaching from Meg Givens, interactive Bible study, and video sessions from Matthias Media.

All are welcome. $5 donation requested for workbook. To sign up click here.