New Creations In Christ


“All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.” -- Jesus of Nazareth (John 6:37)

  1. There was once a teenager who was kicked out of his church youth group for being a bad influence on the other kids.
  1. There was once a young intellectual whose mother wept in prayer after he abandoned his Christian upbringing for a life of sexual sin.
  1. There was once an English professor at an elitist university who ridiculed belief while touting his atheism.
  1. There was once a young radical whose Bohemian lifestyle led her to hang out in bars, to spend time in prison, and to conceive a child out of wedlock.
  1. There was once a young Sikh who burned the pages of a Bible to express his contempt for the Christian God.
  1. There was once an unprincipled political operative whose commitment to a corrupt administration landed him in federal prison.
  1. There was once a Middle Eastern fundamentalist who plotted violence against those who disagreed with his religious views.
  1. There was once a vicious gang leader whose passion for violence filled the streets of Brooklyn with fear.
  1. There was once a Muslim college student who loved debating religion with his Christian schoolmates, hoping to convert them to Islam.
  1. There was once a young slave whose early impressions of the gospel were tainted by the hypocrisy of white “Christian” slave owners.
  1. There was once a young debutante, raised in wealth, renowned for her beauty, trained to seek meaning in a life of luxury.

Who were these people? They are all individuals whose lives were radically transformed by the saving power of Jesus.

Their names are:

  1. Billy Graham (worldwide evangelist)
  2. Augustine of Hippo (bishop and theologian)
  3. S. Lewis (Christian apologist and author)
  4. Dorothy Day (social worker and devout believer)
  5. Sadhu Sundar Singh (India’s most famous Christian missionary)
  6. Charles Colson (Christian author who campaigned for prison reform)
  7. Saul of Tarsus (later known as the Apostle Paul)
  8. Nicky Cruz (preacher and evangelist)
  9. Nabeel Qureshi (Christian author and apologist)
  10. Frederick Douglass (Christian abolitionist)
  11. Jeanne Guyon (Catholic mystic who preached salvation by grace)

Never give up on anyone. Never stop praying for your family and friends. Never assume that anyone is uninterested in the gospel.

No one is beyond the reach of our loving God.