21 Ways to Pray for Your Church During a Pandemic

Prayers During a Pandemic

The New Testament teaches that church members need to pray for each other (Eph. 6:18; Col. 4:2; Jas. 5:16). What are some ways we can pray for our church during this time of coronavirus.

Here are 21 ways to consider praying for our church:

  1. Pray for the sick, for healing and for patience in affliction.
  1. Pray for those who are lonely, that they will find ways to connect with others and that their isolation will drive them closer to the Lord.
  1. Pray for those without work, that God will provide for their needs and that the church will find ways to help them.
  1. Pray for the elderly and those with fragile health, that God will protect them from COVID-19.
  1. Pray for essential workers, especially for medical professionals and others on the front lines. Pray for strength, joy, and protection.
  1. Pray for those sharing living space with others, that they will be gracious and patient toward each other.
  1. Pray for parents who are overseeing their children’s schooling from home.
  1. Pray for those who struggle with self-control issues (overeating, overwork, ‘screen time’, anger, pornography, etc.) Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower them to regulate their schedule, their moods, and their behavior.
  1. Pray for married couples, that the change in daily rhythms during the lock-down will allow them fruitful time together as husband and wife.
  1. Pray for pastors and church leaders, that God will give them wisdom to lead the church in challenging times and that they will stay refreshed in their relationship with the Holy Spirit.
  1. Pray that we will all stay rooted in God’s Word and in prayer.
  1. Pray that we will all discover ways to be good neighbors to those who live near us.
  1. Pray for those working at home, that God will give them energy and creativity in approaching their jobs.
  1. Pray for our teens, that they will have will continue to grow in their faith and that they will be empowered to love their parents and family members.
  1. Pray for those struggling with depression or discouragement, that they will find hope in the Lord.
  1. Pray for those who mourn the loss of loved ones.
  1. Pray for those who are plagued with fear, that the promises of God will have new and special meaning for them.
  1. Pray for our diaconate and ‘healthy helps team,’ as they minister to needs in our community.
  1. Pray for our elders, as they meet weekly via videoconference to make decisions and pray for the church.
  1. Pray for wisdom for church leaders when it comes time to re-open public worship services.
  1. Pray for those who struggle to pray, that they will set aside time for the Lord and that the Holy Spirit will breathe fresh life into their prayers.