21 Ways to Pray on Election Day

Prayer Election




  1. Thank God for allowing us to live in a democracy, where the people have a say in the selection of their leaders.
  2. Praise God for his mercy and generosity to our nation over the last 244 years.
  3. Praise God that we have been able to proceed with the election in spite of the pandemic.
  4. Ask forgiveness for bitter thoughts you have harbored and unkind words you have spoken during this election season.
  5. Confess the historical sins of our nation – our greed, our violence, our racism, our indifference to God’s word. Ask the Lord, in his mercy, to draw our country to his Son in repentance and faith.
  6. Confess the sins of the American church – how we have often placed our trust in political solutions to our problems rather than trusting God alone; how we have often ignored the needs of the poor and marginalized; and, how we have often bowed the knee to nationalism instead of to our Savior and Lord.
  7. Ask God to give you a gracious, loving attitude toward those who vote differently than you.
  8. Pray for citizens to engage in the voting process thoughtfully, peacefully, and respectfully.
  9. If you are voting today, ask for discernment to vote wisely and for courage to vote in line with your convictions.
  10. Pray that those who vote would consider the needs of those who cannot vote (non-citizens, children, the incarcerated, etc.).
  11. Pray for poll workers and election officials as they face a long day of thankless toil. Pray especially for those charged with the task of tallying the votes.
  12. Pray that God would protect voters and poll workers from the coronavirus as people gather to vote.
  13. Pray for members of the media that they would report the news fairly and accurately, and that they would be treated with respect as they do their important work.
  14. Pray for families, churches, and communities that are divided in their political convictions, that mutual love and harmony would prevail.
  15. Pray for the police who are patrolling polling sites, that God would keep them safe and help them to maintain peace in our communities.
  16. Pray that God would frustrate the plans of those who would disrupt the election through violence, intimidation, or voter suppression.
  17. Pray that God would frustrate the plans of any who would engage in fraudulent voting practices.
  18. Pray for the candidates, that they would be courteous if they win, gracious if they lose, and cooperative with the electoral process.
  19. Pray for those candidates who are elected to office, that they would serve their constituents honorably, honestly, and capably.
  20. Pray for our two major political parties, that they would operate with integrity and that they would align their platforms with the values of God’s kingdom.
  21. Praise God, that no matter what happens in the election, he is in control and our lives are in his hands.