The Rescue


What comes to mind when you think of a rescue? A firefighter rushing into a burning building? A Coast Guard ship aiding a raft of refugees? Perhaps you think of a child nursing a stray animal back to health, or of a woman walking her friend to his first A.A. meeting.

Whatever picture comes to mind, rescues are always thrilling.  Someone with compassion acts to aid someone who is helpless – to save them from danger, to liberate them from bondage, to deliver them from a threat to their well-being.

Starting January 7, our sermons at ACC will focus on the beginning chapters of Exodus, chapters that tell the story of one of the most thrilling rescues in history. For over 400 years the people of Israel were slaves in Egypt. Crushed by brutal oppression, they waited for God to keep his promise to bless them as a nation. When God responded, he used the most unlikely of people to rescue them – Moses. Moses had been an abandoned child, a failed prince, a fugitive from the law, and a wandering shepherd. Why did God work through someone with so many failures in his past? To demonstrate that the power to rescue comes from God and not from any human being.

The same God who rescued the Israelites from their bondage to Pharaoh rescues us from our bondage to sin through his Son Jesus Christ. He can work in the darkest of situations to bring freedom to the weakest of people. There is no limit to what God can do.

Join us for our study of God’s great rescue and learn with us about the power and compassion of God.