Genesis: In the beginning

I know several individuals who have had their DNA analyzed by genetic testing services. It is fascinating to hear them report the findings – the ethnic and regional backgrounds of their long-forgotten ancestors. Some of the results are predictable; some are unexpected. (My daughters were surprised to learn they have Jewish roots.) It’s easy to understand why people enjoy this kind of information. We want to know where we come from, to learn how we got to be who we are and where we are.

For these same reasons, people for centuries have been fascinated with the opening chapters of the biblical book of Genesis. The first eleven chapters of Genesis provide an account of how our world came to be. They also explain what it means to be human and how death, violence, and injustice became part of the reality we face every day. More than anything, these opening chapters of the Bible teach us who God is – his character, his power, and his plans for humankind.

This summer at ACC, our Sunday sermon series will take us through Genesis chapters 1-11. We won’t be able to answer all the questions people have about this ancient material, but we are confident God will use this portion of his Word to teach us about himself and to strengthen our faith in him. I hope you can join us.