Why are we here?

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In our weekly sermon series through the book of Exodus, we are in the section of Exodus where the Israelites have left behind their slavery in Egypt and are on their way to the Promised Land. During this phase of their journey, a question the Israelites frequently asked was, “Why are we here?” 

  • Why are we trapped between the Egyptian army and the Red Sea? (chapter 14)
  • Why are we camped by the bitter waters of Marah? (chapter 15)
  • Why are we in a wilderness without any food? (chapter 16)
  • Why are we in a desert where there is no water? (chapter 17)

They couldn’t understand why God, if he had loved them enough to redeem them, would lead them to places where they would face such hardship.

As Christians, we also often find ourselves in situations where we ask “Why?”

  • Why can’t I find a job?
  • Why is my body in so much pain?
  • Why are my parents getting divorced?
  • Why am I still single? 

There are no easy answers to any of these questions – either the questions the Israelites asked or the questions we ask today. But it is encouraging to note that, whenever the Israelites found themselves in one of these difficult situations, the Lord used their troubles as an opportunity to display his power and love. Their hardship was not evidence that God had abandoned them. In fact, quite the opposite – God had brought them to that troubling place so that they might better understand his covenant mercy.

It is in the “wilderness moments” of life that we really grow to know God’s love and faithfulness. Are you in one of those moments today? Be encouraged. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. He loved you enough to give his Son so that you could be his child. Your current difficulty is not evidence that God has abandoned you. Perhaps he brought you to this place so that you could learn more about his power and love. The Lord may not part the waters of the Red Sea for you or rain down bread from heaven. But just you watch! God will do something amazing for you to demonstrate his covenant mercy.