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Pentecostal Unity


My sister is a high school English teacher. If one of her students wrote the words of Acts 2:1 in a term paper, my sister would pull out her red pen, underline the sentence, and mark a big "X" in the margin. Why? Because, according to the conventions of academic English, the sentence is grammatically incorrect. The wording is redundant. Acts 2 gives an account of the da...

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Joyfully Generous


The Bible tells us that God is honored by giving that is both generous and joyful. (See 2 Cor. 9:6-7.) A good example of a time when God's people gave in both of these ways is found in 1 Chronicles 29. In this chapter, King David made plans for the construction of the temple of the LORD and challenged the leaders of Israel to join him in giving toward the project. The k...

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In case you are not on the ACC email list, we want you to be informed of plans concerning the worship services at ACC. See the two emails sent out last month below. May 9, 2019 Members and Attenders of ACC: I want to keep you informed of some upcoming changes at our church and ask for your prayers as we face a time of transition. Brad Wade, the worship director at ou...

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Three Reasons the Ascension Matters


Many churches traditionally celebrate the ascension of Christ this week, as we will at ACC on Sunday, June 2. In Luke 24:50-51 and Acts 1:4-11, we read about Jesus ascending to heaven in bodily form in the presence of his disciples. Since we are given few details as to what happened, the event is mysterious. Yet the spiritual implications of the ascension are amazing. T...

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No Choice but to Choose


Pastor Jeffrey preached last Sunday from Joshua 24:14-28, a passage in which Joshua challenged the Israelites to make a decisive choice about the ultimate allegiance of their hearts. Joshua said: "Now fear theLORDand serve him with all faithfulness. But if serving theLORDseems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods y...

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New Elder for ACC


On Sunday, May 19 we will be ordaining Raul Rojas to the office of elder, adding him to the leadership team at ACC. Raul, Anne and their children David and Rebecca have been part of the ACC family for years. Raul has served faithfully in various capacities, including men's ministry, sound team, welcome team, and monthly brunch ministry. More than this, Raul has consistent...

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Three Reasons Easter Matters

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During the Easter season, Christians traditionally celebrate the great New Testament truth that Jesus was physically raised from the dead. But beyond believing in the fact of the resurrection, it is important to know why it matters. Below are three reasons why, according to the Bible, the empty tomb is important. 1.The resurrection proves that Jesus is who he claimed t...

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Holy Week

Ushered in by Palm Sundayyesterday, we are beginningwhat Christians call Holy Week, the week in which we celebrate Christ's Last Supper and final words to his disciples, his humiliation, crucifixion and death, and finally his resurrection on Easter Sunday. We are quickly approaching the Triduum Sacrum, the three days in which all eternity hangs in the balance. Maundy(or Ho...

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Easter Outreach Offering


This fiscal year, our church hopes to give over $48,000 to world missions, diaconal work, and outreach ministries. Our Easter Outreach Offering is a special act of giving designed to help us reach that goal. The Easter Outreach Offering will be given at ACC on Easter Sunday, April 21. Everyone is invited to participate in this offering. ACC members are encouraged to giv...

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The One Who Hears Prayer


Psalm 65:2 says, "O you who hear prayer, to you shall all flesh come." According to this verse, listening to our prayer is not simply something God does. It is a description of who God is. It is one of his unchanging attributes. Our God is the One who hears prayer. If you have a friend who goes bike-riding once or twice a year while on vacation, you might say, "Jim rid...

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