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NEW TEACHERS NEEDED:  Our ESL ministry is looking for new teachers!  After five years, Judith Newlin will be stepping down this June. The program is looking for two teachers to begin training and transitioning into the roles this spring.  Contact or if you have any questions.

MUSICIANS NEEDED FOR BOTH SERVICES:  If you play an instrument (violin, cello or other stringed instrument, guitar, bass, drums, brass and wind instruments) and would consider playing occasionally for both or either service, please contact Linnea at

GROUP HOMEWORK HELP VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY:  Given the increasing demand at the Boys and Girls Club for our after-school tutoring, we are changing the format to accommodate more students. Instead of only doing one-on-one tutoring, we're going to do a group format where the volunteers rove around and help the kids as needed. If you're interested in signing up for group homework help on Tuesdays from 5:30 - 7PM, please contact Laura at