A Song for Thanksgiving Day

One of the most loved hymns of thanksgiving is “Now Thank We All Our God” by Martin Rinkart. It is a song that expresses joyful gratitude to God for his loving kindness and faithful care.

When you hear a song as thankful as this one, you might assume that the songwriter led a charmed life. Why else would anyone be so grateful to God? But the story of Rinkart’s life is one of heart-break and toil. His story demonstrates that, when a person truly knows the grace of God, they can “give thanks in all circumstances.”

Rinkart was a Lutheran pastor in the city of Eilenburg. During the Thirty Year War, many refugees fled to live in that city. The overcrowded conditions led to epidemic and starvation. In one year alone, Rinkart performed 4,480 funeral services (40-50 a day), including a service for his own wife. Could a person in such conditions find reason to praise God? To listen to Rinkart’s hymn click here to read his lyrics click here.

"The Hope of Armageddon" Jeffrey Choi

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Sermon Date: 11/27/2016