Defining Our Terms

In almost every endeavor in life, we realize that to be involved we will need to learn a specific vocabulary. Plumbers use terms like closet flange, trapway, and saddle valve. Accountants talk about bond indentures, holding losses, and liquidity ratios. Baseball fans are familiar with squeeze plays, backdoor breaking balls, and the infield fly rule. Any self-respecting knitter knows the difference between knitting and purling. We are not bothered when asked to learn the meaning of these words. We consider it a small price to pay to pursue our passion or to advance in our career.

In our weekly study through the book of Romans, we are discovering that in order to understand the gospel we also need to learn a new set of terms. Below are some terms used by in Apostle in the first three chapters of this epistle that are helpful for us to know. (Read more.)

The Benefits of Justification

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Sermon Date: 11/16/2014