First Things First

Is worshiping God a priority in your life?

The book of Ezra describes the return of the Jewish people to Israel after 70 years of exile in Babylon. As you can imagine, in order to resettle in their homeland they had many things to do. They needed to clear the land, plant their farms, build their homes, reconstruct the walls around Jerusalem, and (of utmost importance) rebuild the temple of the LORD.

With all these tasks ahead of them, guess what they did first – they built an altar and began to worship the LORD. (See Ezra 3:1-6.) Isn’t that amazing? What makes this even more astonishing is to note that they built this altar despite the fact (some translations say because of the fact) that they were gripped with fear of the surrounding nations (Ezra 3:3).

Reading this passage again today reminded me of the importance of worshiping God. (Read more.)

"The Benefits of Jesus' Departure" Jeffrey Choi

30:59 minutes (28.37 MB)

Sermon Date: 08/10/2014