How to read the Bible

Someone recently asked me to listen to a recording of a sermon she really liked. Though for the most part I agreed with the points the preacher made, the way he reached his conclusions – skipping from one text to another in rather illogical ways – made me concerned with his use of Scripture. I understood why my math teachers always made us show our work when we did our assignments. If you are not performing your calculations properly, even if you somehow arrive at the correct answer, the next time you approach a similar equation, you will probably get the answer wrong. It’s the same way when it comes to interpreting Scripture. If you are not employing proper interpretive principles when you read it, even if you understand its meaning correctly this time, the next time you read it you may completely miss the point of what it is saying.

This points to an important question – How do you read the Bible? What interpretive principles should we use when reading Scripture? Here’s a link to a creative animated video that introduces the subject. Here’s a link to a good book on the subject. Here’s a link to another good book on the subject.

"The Mountain of the Lord" J. David Ellis

26:06 minutes (23.9 MB)

Sermon Date: 07/12/2015